[Smaug] Meetings and Wireless

relsqui@armory.com relsqui at armory.com
Thu Oct 13 02:05:12 PDT 2005

Since I utterly failed to get my original, explanatory message on-list, here's
my response to the idea of switching back to monthly meetings: we could have
one "big" meeting every month for demonstrations or planned events, and then
continue to have weekly "little" meetings just to chat.

However, the internet issue may soon be moot; Tiny's is officially getting
wireless! Someone is coming by next week, as I recall, to at least meet with
Heather; it shouldn't be too long thereafter that it's actually set up. Of
course, if they do anything silly like block any useful ports, we'll be able
to go back and fix it.

See y'all next week.


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