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Peter Belew peterbe at sonic.net
Mon Oct 10 18:01:35 PDT 2005


On or about Mon, Oct 10, 2005 at 04:54:14PM -0700, cerise at armory.com scribbled:
> Yet more SMAUG this evening.
> Also, a request for comment:
> I notice that there's only about ~5 people who can be counted to
> show up to SMAUG reliably.  Meetings usually attract more people
> who show up once, say they'll show up again, and then rarely
> thereafter.

 Having meetings less frequently would mean one would have to
 remember which week it was. Beyond the memory capacity of some. :(

 It would be nice to find a place where there's net connectivity.


> Thinking about this has made me consider making SMAUG a monthly
> *UG again.  The theory goes that if there's a month between SMAUG
> meetings instead of a week, then it's likely that more people
> will feel more strongly about going to SMAUG.
> What do you guys think?  Should SMAUG become monthly?  biweekly?
> Should it stay weekly?
> -Phil/CERisE
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