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Anthony Ettinger apwebdesign at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 10 17:46:51 PDT 2005

I personally like the weekly meeting. Although I have
missed the last one, and I will probably miss tonight
(my gf is sick).

Otherwise, I think it's great. I like the thought of
"if I can't make this one, I can goto the next one,
without waiting a month".

Anyhow, do what the regulars are about. I'm new, and
certainly won't be able to commit to every monday (or
any regular meeting for that matter).

I'm working on a accessible layout for scruz.org in my
freetime, I'll let you know when I get something worth
looking at.

ps - i switched to sbc when i moved here and lost my
static ip. So I have to reconfigure apache to accept
chovy.dyndns.org/subdomain now instead of my old
cat16.com domain.

Just got my box rebuilt and up-n-running with Gentoo

--- cerise at armory.com wrote:

> Yet more SMAUG this evening.
> Also, a request for comment:
> I notice that there's only about ~5 people who can
> be counted to
> show up to SMAUG reliably.  Meetings usually attract
> more people
> who show up once, say they'll show up again, and
> then rarely
> thereafter.
> Thinking about this has made me consider making
> SMAUG a monthly
> *UG again.  The theory goes that if there's a month
> between SMAUG
> meetings instead of a week, then it's likely that
> more people
> will feel more strongly about going to SMAUG.
> What do you guys think?  Should SMAUG become
> monthly?  biweekly?
> Should it stay weekly?
> -Phil/CERisE
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