[Smaug] Still having wireless problems

Nunya nunya.d.biznass at gmail.com
Fri Oct 7 02:58:44 PDT 2005

Hello all,
Haven't been in to see you guys in months...the baby just takes up so much
time, but it is time well spent. I have given up on the D-Link wireless card
working on any distro I have tried and broke down and bought a 2Wire (it is
an Orinoco Gold wireless card but sold to 2Wire so that 2Wire can slap their
name on it) card. The Orinoco Gold card is supposed to be one of the most
supported cards under Linux and is supposed to be built in to most Distros
all the way back to RH 7.2... My problem is that I am such a newbie that I
don't know how to get the card recognized, get the wireless started, or
basically where to start. I have been googling for 2 days now and still have
made now progress. I can get the card working in WinBlow$, but that is not
where I want to be. If anyone can point me in the right direction I would
greatly appreciate it. Thanks, and maybe I will be able to make it to the
next meeting.

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