[Smaug] Oct 20, 2005: BayLISA: Incident Command for IT

Brent Chapman Brent at GreatCircle.COM
Thu Sep 29 21:42:03 PDT 2005

I'm really looking forward to giving this talk.   At the moment, I'm 
in Mississippi, working on hurricane recovery efforts as a volunteer 
(along with Jeff Allen, who many of you know) with Radio Response 
(http://www.radioresponse.org/), and seeing first hand how ICS works 
on an extremely large scale (involving thousands of responders).  So, 
I should have some interesting stories to share in the talk, when I 
get back...

By the way, Radio Response could definitely use more volunteers who 
can come out for a week or two at a time.  Essentially, we're setting 
up WiFi connectivity to provide free Internet access and phone 
service (via VoIP) to the numerous other volunteer and charitable 
organizations here, such as shelters and relief kitchens, for use by 
both their staffs and their clients (the local residents who've been 
devastated by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita).  Take a look at the Radio 
Response web site (http://www.radioresponse.org/); if that seems like 
something you might be able to help out with, either on-site or 
remotely, then please fill out the volunteer form there.

There's also information about donations on the web site.  Money is 
always good, but we could also use certain types of working WiFi, 
networking, PC, and VoIP gear; details and/or contact info are on the 
web site.


At 11:35 AM -0700 9/29/05, Jennifer Davis wrote:
>Date: Thursday, October 20, 2005
>Where: Apple Campus, Building 4, upstairs meeting room (Garage 1)
>(Yes, we are back to our usual room, with power, and network galore!)
>Free and Open to the General Public!
>Please RSVP to rsvp at baylisa.org so we have an idea of how many 
>sodas/snacks to provide.
>7:30 pm Introductions and announcements
>7:45 pm Formal Presentation
>9:45 After-meeting dinner/social outings at a local restaurant
>D. Brent Chapman will be presenting "Incident Command for IT: What 
>we can Learn from the Fire Department".
>This is one of the USENIX LISA 2005 invited talks
>If you have ever been curious about what kind of value you get from 
>the LISA conference, come check out Brent's talk.  LISA packs in 5 
>days of training and 4 days of technical sessions (they overlap on 
>days for a total of 6 days of technical immersion), and is the 
>conference for System Administrators.  It's being held in San Diego, 
>California this year, so much easier for travelling.
>Many thanks to USENIX for sharing Brent's technical talk at BayLISA.
>baylisa mailing list:   baylisa at baylisa.org
>rsvp for meeting:       rsvp at baylisa.org
>baylisa board (request to sponsor or present):
>                        blw at baylisa.org

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