[Smaug] Help with multihead Linux box

Thomas Leavitt thomas at thomasleavitt.org
Sat Sep 3 18:25:53 PDT 2005

If all you're doing is text sessions, why are you trying to run six
separate video cards? PC hardware was simply not designed to run this
way, and getting it to do so is likely to be extremely expensive.

Get a multi-port serial card, and then connect 6 terminals to it...
these can either be ancient VT style terminals (usually available for a
hundred bucks or so), or stripped down PCs that boot off the network and
run only shell sessions without X, etc.


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> Hi guys,
>   I am trying to put to gather a Linux workstation that will support 6
> users at once.  I need to know how to setup a multi headed PC with
> 6 Video cards and displays, 6 USB keyboards and 6 USB mice.  Each
> display will be running a login for a single user.  I don't want an
> X session on them.  It will be text session only.  I plan to use Lynx
> as a browser.  I will be writing a web based Email server or use
> Yahoo?
>   I am currently using my build PC to test the concept and it is not 
> working.
> I have two video cards in it, one with dual outputs.  That would be
> three
> terminals if they worked.  I can figure out how to configure the
> system.
> Has anyone been successful with a setup like this?  If so how?
>   Thanks for your time.
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