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Peter Belew abcruzww at gmail.com
Fri Sep 2 16:24:35 PDT 2005

Hi -

On 9/2/05, William Estrada <mrumunhum at popdial.com> wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I am trying to put to gather a Linux workstation that will support 6
> users at once. I need to know how to setup a multi headed PC with
> 6 Video cards and displays, 6 USB keyboards and 6 USB mice. Each
> display will be running a login for a single user. I don't want an
> X session on them. It will be text session only. I plan to use Lynx
> as a browser. I will be writing a web based Email server or use Yahoo?

As for email, why not just use Mutt or some similar text-based email client 
and host the email either directly on the same server or use an ISP that 
supports POP etc.

I don't know about the video card configuration though, someone else will 
have to help with that. I assume all the workstations will be close to the 
server. - Peter

> I am currently using my build PC to test the concept and it is not 
> working.
> I have two video cards in it, one with dual outputs. That would be three
> terminals if they worked. I can figure out how to configure the system.
> Has anyone been successful with a setup like this? If so how?
> Thanks for your time.
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