[Smaug] SMAUG this week:

cerise@armory.com cerise at armory.com
Sun Aug 28 21:21:37 PDT 2005

In around ~23 hours, yet another SMAUG meeting will be held.

I'm a little short on topics, but it's not _entirely_ impossible
that I'll have a standalone Plan 9 box together.  The Xandros
laptop (of ~3 hour installation at SMAUG fame) will be there
of course, although I suspect that its days as a Xandros box are 

Also, a poll for the group:  Is there a preference towards
general geekery of sysadmin types or programming types?  I've been
watching the buildup for the next release of the kernel and 
considering a discussion of some of the new things that are getting
tucked in (for example, Reiser 4 and FUSE).  I'd be just as happy
setting up an openMOSIX cluster and discussing the various challenges
to implementation there, though.


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