[Smaug] Look alive folks! Now 50% more SMAUG!

Peter Belew abcruzww at gmail.com
Mon Aug 15 15:17:36 PDT 2005

Hi everyone ...

On 8/15/05, cerise at armory.com <cerise at armory.com> wrote:
> Hey guys:
> I made the potentially stupid move of opening my big mouth on a
> ham radio community in a discussion about various malware and said
> "You know, you can avoid that whole problem by using macs or
> Linux..."  While 50% might be a bit overblown, it's not at all
> unlikely that we'll score a few more people to tonight's meeting.

 Well, I didn't see any negative reaction to that on
the k6bj list! <G>
> I have one thing planned for this evening's meeting which I've been
> looking forward to.  Specifically, an installation of Xandros.  They
> were donating CDs to Picn*x, so I grabbed one for myself.

 Ah, too bad I was a bit late! This will be interesting.

 - Peter
> To give a bit of the history, Xandros is descended from Corel Linux
> which was the first (AFAIK) of the distros intended for a newbie to
> drop in the system and run with.  The first I heard of Corel Linux
> was at Linuxworld.  They were wandering around the convention looking
> for people who had never installed an operating system and handing
> them the installation CD and pointing them at one of the install boxes
> they'd set up.
> Among its credits, it was the first distro to reliably detect one's
> configuration and guess at what the XFree86 config should look like.
> This was well before X -configure, when you were expected to have some
> idea of what a modeline was.
> I hope to see everyone at the meeting 8)  It's at 8pm at Tiny's.  See
> http://www.scruz.org for details.
> -Phil/CERisE
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