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Jack Craig jcraig at Brocade.COM
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On Mon, 2005-07-25 at 12:26, Rick Moen wrote:

> If you're interested in the trademarks and (alleged) copyright title,
> then you'll tend to think that the essence of "SCO" went to Utah.  Of
> course, that begs the question of how substantive those properties
> really were, given how proprietary Unix's fortunes had been waning and 
> that the firms were clobbering the support infrastructure that had given
> the products value.  Many would say the thing you call "what defines SCO" 
> went up in smoke.  (The old-SCO maybe-1% staff carried over to
> Caldera/new-SCO would disagree, but their stock options aren't doing so
> hot.)

i bet the following brings  a flame or two.

i would posit that the current mishmash of osr5 & unixware is trailing
the technical quality and feature set of the modern linux by a decade or
so. sco chopped off that IP growth in the late 90's by first laying off
their really talented engineers (or by virture of out srcing)  creating
an environment that encouraged real talented engineers to go elsewhere.

i was personally involved in an outsrc deal with a indian group that
was commissioned to port the netbsd usb stack to osr5. 

i find it amusing that sco whines about the alleged theft of their IP
while they are busy snarfing IP created in the open src domain! :)

regardless, a very sad chapter in *ix evolution...

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