[Smaug] Happy 5th Year!

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Mon Jul 25 12:26:35 PDT 2005

Quoting cerise at armory.com (cerise at armory.com):

> I only mentioned it because in the last couple of posts, you've
> suggested that Tarantella was closer akin to old SCO than SCO as
> purchased by Caldera.

Taranetella is the corporate successor of old-SCO's corporate entity.
Well, _was_:  It seems to have been gobbled up by Sun, a few weeks ago.

> While the timing would seem to suggest that, the intellectual property
> (in terms of the OS which is practically what defines SCO) went
> entirely to SCO and not Tarantella.

What defines a company is a matter of perspective.  If you're the HR
director or a run-of-the-mill employee, it's the employee population.
By that standard, old-SCO pretty much committed seppuku in 2000-1, given
that it laid off almost everyone (well, 90% plus).

If you're one of the executive staff members or staff attorney looking 
towards continuity, then the company is the 10% of staff (and prospects
for future bonuses) retained during the transition to a Web services

If you're interested in the trademarks and (alleged) copyright title,
then you'll tend to think that the essence of "SCO" went to Utah.  Of
course, that begs the question of how substantive those properties
really were, given how proprietary Unix's fortunes had been waning and 
that the firms were clobbering the support infrastructure that had given
the products value.  Many would say the thing you call "what defines SCO" 
went up in smoke.  (The old-SCO maybe-1% staff carried over to
Caldera/new-SCO would disagree, but their stock options aren't doing so

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