[Smaug] Happy 5th Year!

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Mon Jul 25 11:14:24 PDT 2005

Quoting cerise at armory.com (cerise at armory.com):

> One last bit:  While the idea that current SCO is not old SCO is kind of
> a romantic notion, it's not entirely true.  While the current SCO is really
> what was Caldera (which bought up old SCO), it still contains what's left
> of the old SCO (including OpenServer and Unixware).  I used to live with a
> guy who worked there (and probably still does).

I could have included as tediously exact a recounting of corporate
history as the murky public documents permit, but only at the cost of
several extra paragraphs of exposition -- and then, what would you have
been left to tendentiously and pointlessly argue with?  ;->

In the context of recent discussion, the point was to clarify that
valued local members of the community who used to work at old-SCO should not
be blamed for new-SCO's (ex-Caldera's) PR/litigation campaign -- and not to
track where old-SCO's trademarks and (alleged) copyright title went.

(Recent court disclosures have also further reinforced something else we
suspected all along: that Caldera/new-SCO was radically transformed when
the McBride/Stowell crowd arrived.  So, folks, please don't give old
Caldera people a hard time, either.)

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