[Smaug] Happy 5th Year!

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Mon Jul 25 10:15:32 PDT 2005

Quoting Jack Craig (jcraig at Brocade.COM):

> ah, now i am seeing this transition. i also wonder,
> if i, as a linux enthusiast, was so unaware of the 
> smaug group, i wonder if there are more folks in our area
> with the same interest...???

No doubt.  

The first group (to my knowledge) was SCLUG, which met monthly at
Got.net near the Sawmill building for a good long while:  It was a good,
general-interest group.  About the time it was slowly dying for lack of 
meeting space (1998)[1], SlugLUG at UCSC was going great guns.  However,
SlugLUG suffered the usual college-LUG summer continuity problems, plus
being non-trivial to attend for people who don't live on-campus.

> i'm sure that was a lot more quiet than 99 bottles of beer!
> i have not spent a lot of time at tiny's as the capitola
> enforcement team frequented the place. :)

I did hear rumours that they have a reputation as being hyperactive in
the typical suburban fashion.  However, the thing about suburbs with
that syndrome is that they still love you if you seem likely to spend a
little money.  So, jingle your wallet and point out that you're dropping
a few bucks at Tiny's.  ;->

They've never bothered me, even though my car's missing left-side mirror
gives 'em an easy excuse.  Which is more than I can say for SCPD.  ;->

[1] Web/wiki site's broken again:  http://linus.got.net/  I pointed out
a few months ago to the main guy (Jay Campbell) that the wiki site had
been overrun by comment spam, and he says he's fixing it.

Mailing list can be gotten to directly, if you know the URL:
http://lists.got.net/listinfo/sclug .  But there's no list traffic --
unless and until people start using that list again.  That's the
interesting thing about inactive LUGs:  People often sitting around
waiting for someone _else_ to get them going, not realising that it can
be them as easily as anyone else who does it.

Which reminds me:  Thank you, Phil.  ;->

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