[Smaug] SMAUG History

Jacob M Hunter, ASD, WRT jmhunter at gmail.com
Fri Jul 22 23:32:29 PDT 2005

I took this from the "information page", i actually have corrected it,
but I hate screwing with CVS, if someone could update that'd be
awesome.  I removed the "lyris limitimation" because I was using the
full commercial version ($5000 from memory) on my employers server
(not orangeonyx.com, that was me)  There was an issue made at the time
that we wern't runnign our server on the Linux platform, someone
recomended we move to SVLUG's server, so i got in touch with Marc
Merlin.  But there wasn't any limitation the the actual server


The Early Days

Smaug was founded (as "Santa Cruz Microsoft-Alternative User Group",
or SMAUG) in October 2000 by area resident Jacob M. Hunter, using Web
space and a mailing list at his employer NetLine, and the "scruz.org"
domain name, which Silicon Valley Linux enthusiast Alvin Oga  (and
some other domains, paid for by VA Linux) registered for the group.
Initial meetings -- always free of charge and open to the public --
were in rooms graciously offered by Santa Cruz Operation (SCO) near
the Hwy 9 / Hwy 1 junction. There were and are no membership dues.

SMAUG was intended partly to fill the gap left when Santa Cruz Linux
User Group, which had met at Got.net's offices in the nearby Sawmill
building, went inactive a year or two before. But it was also intended
as a home for other users of non-Wintel systems, such as the BSD
family, BeOS, Atheos, and so on. And, unlike many groups, SMAUG from
its beginning deliberately attempted to be both technical and social,
without apology -- and to plan a group role in community service.

The mailing list at NetLine (hosted using Lyris software on Solaris)
proved very limited: Only the first dozen or so lines of each message
got sent out unless/until you signed up for commercial service. (But
it did have the advantage of transparent access to the list via NNTP
newsreaders.) Within a month, Jacob accepted a kind offer by Silicon
Valley Linux User Group to host a replacement mailing list on its GNU
Mailman server, and the Web site (initially at
http://www.orangeonyx.com/linux/) was moved to a virtual host on
SourceForge.net (still using the scruz.org domain).

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