[Smaug] Happy 5th Year!

Jacob M Hunter, ASD, WRT jmhunter at gmail.com
Fri Jul 22 19:23:39 PDT 2005

About 5 years ago i attended a few SVLUG meetings and a sluglug. 
Sluglug @ucsc was more of a school club that actually worked on
projects and was involved in linux development to an extent.  I got
tired of driving to san jose so i launched out own LUG, got lots of
sponsorship to pay for everything.  VA Linux paid for our initial
domain name, my company at the time netline hosted the mailing list,
and many linux "companies" -turbo linux, suse, caldera, provided free
swag.  Only thing I invested was about $15 in snacks for each meeting
at costco.  I approached SCO and asked if they had a meeting room that
we coulf use, turned out they had a whole meeting center, but they
warned me once the "caldera takeover" happened it may be no longer,
thus was true, after i think our third meeting they closed down the
facility and put it up for sale.

I at that point distances myself from the group, frustrated as a lot
of people started just showing up to get "free stuff" and i had been
laid off, and didn't have much time for the group anymore.  One cool
thing i miss about SCO was free beverages.

SMAUG laid dormant for a while, and then over the last year has gotten
hot again.  Initially we had some speakers offered by VA Linux,
raster, mandrake, and a few other people.  Check out the archives from
2000 in our mailing list, if its on there.  We switched from our lyris
server at netline to SVLUG's server.

Mark the then president of SVLUG was very very helpful in getting
things going infrastructure wise.

That's all i can recall right now.

On 7/22/05, Rick Moen <rick at linuxmafia.com> wrote:
> Quoting Max Baker (max at warped.org):
> > I'm going to deferr to Jacob on matters of History.
> Jacob's intended reference was to Smaug initially meeting at a conference
> centre furnished by SCO Group.  (That was old-SCO, _not_ the Utah-based
> corporation now involved in Linux litigation with IBM, Red Hat, Novell,
> AutoZone, and Daimler-Chrysler.)
> > Jacob,  could you maybe tell us how SMAUG came to be and where the first
> > meetings were held?
> And please correct http://www.scruz.org/meetingnotes.html if it's wrong.  ;->
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