[Smaug] howto configure linux for IP audio?

Karsten Wade phig at phig.org
Fri Jul 22 17:58:49 PDT 2005

* Jack Craig (jcraig at Brocade.COM) on [07-20-05 11:12] bespoke:
> hi linux crowd,
> KPIG broadcasts over the internet. i want to know if anyone has
> setup their linux so it can recieve streaming audio? i am using
> RH WS 3.0.

One other note ... if you have the permissions, desire, and
subscription, you can upgrade that machine to Enterprise Linux 4 WS.
Automatic upgrades are part of the subscription, should be able to get
ISOs through http://rhn.redhat.com, whoever has the keys to your Red
Hat Network account.

- Karsten

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