[Smaug] question about meeting

Jorge Lizarzaburu Jorge.Lizarzaburu at driscolls.com
Mon Jun 20 15:17:07 PDT 2005

Hello Rick

I knew, I have to give more info about my problems; I'll do it next
time, but I can tell you I follow instructions from the web sites on how
to install the particular OS's.

I know, I'm a newbie but I can follow instructions really good.


> ...but for one reason it was telling me that my hard drive was full,

> knowing that mi HD is 3.6gb free space, because is only 3.6gb, so I

> lost interest on installing it after the second attempt and 2 hours

> later.


     Something's mysterious, there.  It's possible that you had your

    divided into multiple filesystems, one of which (e.g., /tmp) became

    at one point.


Could be, it was telling me something about the /tmp, besides you have
extra more experience.


    Either way, you end up with a system with both GNOME and KDE
packages on

    an Ubuntu/Kubuntu foundation.  Isn't that cool?


I think I'll choose kde, but I've read, that some programs work good on
gnome but not on kde and vice versa is true?


     First, just for perspective, I'll bet you've never installed a

    copy of Windows onto a blank hard drive of a recently released

    have you?  Talk about your driver problems!  It tends to be an

    especially masochistic and frustrating experience on



    A lot of people think they've "installed" Windows because they ran

    little routine when they unpacked their Windows-preloaded computers,

    which they enter their names and the product activation codes:  They
    confuse that with installing the operating system.  Well, it's

    like the real thing:  In such cases, you are merely individualising

    painstakingly tweaked Windows preload copy on the hard drive that

    poor-bastard technical grunt (often) had to slave over for huge

    of time at the factory, solving driver problems in advance so you

    have to.


   If you were to start your installation, instead, with a blank hard
   and a _retail_ copy of Windows -- instead of those "recovery CD"

   you get in the box that are just another safety image of the factory

   techie's tweaking work -- then you would know just how wretched and

   painful many Windows driver situations are.



I understand what are you saying, I'm not very happy with Windows, I'm a
tech support, and yes I installed many, many computers with windows from
scratch, personal and job related, I have a good experience with windows
in all aspects cause that's what I do for a living, a lot of blue screen
of death, etc, lol (what's new with windows), I kind of enjoy it,
sometimes is challenging.

That is why I want to learn Linux, I want to be an advance computer
user, I want to have in my pc what I need, not what windows give by
default and is very painful trying to get rid of some services.



Again, no criticism intended.


Don't worry about this, I takes a lot, for me to get offended or upset
(well pretty much windows gets me upset easily), LOL.

I'm here to learn, I'm new to Linux, I don't mind criticism good or bad.

And I want to thank everybody again for welcome me in your group.



"Don't take life to seriously...............

........................ is only a temporary condition"


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