[Smaug] Linux IPv6/IPv4 DNS Server

Paul Thomas orbital04 at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 20 12:45:51 PDT 2005

I have a class project (an IPv6 class) that requires me to put dns servers in an IPv6/IPv4
transition environment.
I want to use Linux server-based dns servers for the job. I have found a good article from 
Linux Journal 'Building a Linux IPv6 DNS Server' that is a fairly complete how-to, I don't
quite understand the example domains they use in the example config files, but I'll get
This article presumes an IPv6 only environment however. Any pointers to where I can find
some good how-to info on configuring Linux/Bind9 to service IPv6/IPv4 queries would really
be appreciated as I am running out of time and am spending more time searching for info
than working on the assignment. Basically at this point, I need to find the arbitrating mechanism for Linux that can tell the difference between an IPv6 or IPv4 query and serve
up the appropriate zone information.
Thanks in advance,
--Paul T.

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