[Smaug] question about meeting

relsqui@armory.com relsqui at armory.com
Wed Jun 15 19:04:37 PDT 2005

> 1.  Through the US Federal Commerce Dept.   Find some way to convince
> them that ICANN does a terrible job as Commerce Dept's surrogate.  Of
> course, Commerce doesn't really want to deal with Internet issues (e.g.,
> keeping NetSol under control), which is why they elicited (and accepted)
> the offer from ICANN to deal with that.

Mm. Yeah. Doesn't seem like the most effective way to go, without having a
legal complaint. "Make them stop!" "Why?" "Uh... 'cause we don't think we
should have to pay for what they do." Even phrased better than that, it's hard
to make a case for what is largely a moral argument.

> 2.  Make your DNS daemons recognise alternative root servers, a la
> OpenNIC.  This lets you recognise "non-official" TLDs alongside the
> regular ones.  I've done this, from time to time.  It's a bottom-up
> way of sidestepping the whole NetSol/ICANN power structure.

That, on the other hand, sounds more immediately useful and easy to pass on to
other people. If I understand correctly, this would mean configuring your own
DNS server to recognize alternative root servers if you run one, or just using
a DNS server that does if you don't. Is that right?

> If enough DNS servers recognise the alternative root servers, then they 
> and their extra TLDs become widely useful.

Indeed. I'm still not sure how multiple independent servers would avoid
conflicts cleanly, though. What's to keep two different servers from handing
out foo.bar to different people?

> The back-end registry portion of NetSol could be split off (or
> duplicated) and put under IETF/Internet Society supervision, as it
> should have been, years ago.

Oh, that's what. *g*

> They work by being long.  ;->  Sometimes, sub-sub-domains get delegated
> to some other DNS server elsewhere, which tells the world what hosts
> (and optionally sub-sub-sub-domains) exist within it.

In other words, it's just a continuation of the same process? Could it go on
indefinitely? (http://this.is.a.really.long.url.com ...)

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