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I keep remembering about half a second too late that if I want replies to go
to the list, I have to tell it manually. Sorry for the double, Rick.

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> Disclaimer:  This explanation might ramble a bit, because I'm really
> tired and it's late (and I've been obliged to look after other folks for
> four days in a row -- long story).

Sorry to hear it. Take care of yourself too ; ) and thanks a ton for this. A
few comments follow; on the whole it's both helpful and interesting.

> three-letter .com/.net/.org/.gov/.mil "generic top-level domains" (gTLDs)

Just curious, what's .mil? Or, better question, where could I go find that

> .  (the hypothetical "root")

Aha, that's why some (old?) URLS are www.blah.com./stuff, with an extra .?

> Initial funding and oversight
> came (partially) from the DoD's "DARPA" research group

Hey, I know that name. They started that other thing I really like. Y'know,
with all those computers that are linked together.

> NetSol started charging members of the public $35/year to register SLDs
> inside those TLDs.  

Oh, so I wasn't being ripped off (well, avoidably) when I bought one for that
price once. They actually were that expensive. I feel a bit better. ; ) Except
that it's still ludicrous.

> other businesses could become accredited as "DNS registrars",
> and deal with the public as sellers of SLD registration services, on an
> equal footing with NetSol itself.  There are now something like a
> hundred such registrars.

Ahh, that's what really answers my question--why I can't go over their heads
just by being willing to do paperwork. For lack of information, I've been
thinking about it as if there were a central registry and one pays the
companies just to add your name. Half-right, but I imagine the companies
themselves pay for the privilege? Besides the extras like DNS and hosting,
what do they need to do? (This probably shares an answer with the question
below, or at least overlaps.)

> I could probably register the .cabal TLD
> with OpenNIC and pass out registrations of SLDs within .cabal for free
> -- if I wanted, and were willing to handle the work.

What work is involved that couldn't be automated? DNS would have to know about
it, but arguably that's their problem. (I believe you; I'm just curious.)

> Here's an outline for an overview article, circa 1999:
> "ICANN" on http://linuxmafia.com/kb/Network_Other 

I think that's bit of an understatement of how much info is there. : ) Thanks
again for helping to satisfy a newb's curiosity.


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