[Smaug] question about meeting

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Tue Jun 14 00:06:16 PDT 2005

Before I stagger off to bed:

Quoting relsqui at armory.com (relsqui at armory.com):

> By the by, you may recall my inquiries about registering a domain without
> buying DNS or hosting, or paying middleman's fees. That solved itself in the
> end, since my housemate works for a hosting company and he got one for me.
> I'm still curious about the process, though. 

I just wanted to clarify (in case anyone was really unclear on this)
that "the process" is usually considered to involve somewhat more than
just registering a domain.  ;->  When I registered "linuxmafia.com", all
that did was put my ownership on record for a year at a time, prevent
anyone else from doing likewise, and create some public records about
how to reach me and what IP addresses -- if any -- are "authoritative"
for answering DNS queries about my SLD.

The point is that _everything_ else is, by default, a la carte.  Do I
want to have somewhere between three and seven nameservers serving up
data for my DNS "zone"?  (That's the recommended quantity.)  Then, I
either have to operate such servers, or have friends willing to do me a
favour, or pay some company for the service.  Do I want to have an IP
address for a host in that domain?  More money, personal-favour points,
etc.  A machine for Web pages?  Ditto.  E-mail service?  Ditto.
Bandwidth allocation?  Ditto.

Before I owned linuxmafia.com, I used DNS namespace within a friend's
domain, "imat.com".  So, my machines were hugin.imat.com,
munin.imat.com, and ymir.imat.com.  Bandwidth on the building's T1 line
in San Francisco (which housed an Internet cafe I helped build) and as
many IP addresses within reason as I wanted were paid for as part of my
apartment rent agreement.  Everything else -- providing machines, paying
the electric bill, software configuration/maintenance work, other system
administration, etc., was up to me.

The machine identifying itself as "linuxmafia.com" is the successor of
the now long-retired hugin.imat.com host, which is why it still has the
bird image (and "hugin" explanation link) on the front Web page.

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