[Smaug] question about meeting

relsqui@armory.com relsqui at armory.com
Mon Jun 13 17:54:24 PDT 2005

> Hi, Fizz.  I'd love to join you folks this evening, but have a prior
> commitment because my father-in-law is in town.  If it turns out that he 
> won't be able to visit this evening, I'll certainly be glad to join the
> gang at Tiny's.

Okie doke. I didn't mean that quite as much like nagging as it sounded, I
swear. ; )

By the by, you may recall my inquiries about registering a domain without
buying DNS or hosting, or paying middleman's fees. That solved itself in the
end, since my housemate works for a hosting company and he got one for me.
I'm still curious about the process, though. Who does one register WITH,
exactly? Why are the companies necessary at all?


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