[Smaug] dish antennas?

William Estrada mrumunhum at popdial.com
Sat Apr 30 18:46:55 PDT 2005

Hi group,

  When I was at a meeting two or three months ago, someone mentioned they
had access to some large dish antennas.  Don't remember who he was and
now I could use some of these antennas.

  I have a test link up from Mt Umunhum to Santa Cruz now that is working
at low speeds.  We are using a BBQ dish here and a 6 foot dish in town. 
I would like to put up a 6 foot dish here to get better speed out of the
link.  It is about an ~13 mile link.

I also want to put signals out to:

  1) San Jose
  2) Monterey
  3) the Sierra's.
  4) South San Fransisco ??

So I will need an many antennas as I can get my hands on.  Free is best.
I can disassemble them if need be.  I got a 10 foot dish out of Scott's
Valley two weeks ago for the Sierra link.  That's a start.

I would appreciate any pointers.

Also looking for spare WRT54Gs or WAP54Gs to use for the cause.  Even 
broken ones.

  William Estrada 
<http://www.Mt-Umunhum-Wireless.net/resume/william_estrada.html>   --  
MrUmunhum at popdial dot com <mailto:MrUmunhum at popdial.com>  --  
  Ymessenger ID: MrUmunhum

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