[Smaug] wrt45g firmware reflash?

Adhamh Findlay smaug at adhamh.com
Wed Apr 27 08:01:14 PDT 2005

William Estrada wrote:

> OK guys,
>   I have managed to make two of my WRT56Gs catatonic.  No web access
> and no ssh access.  I need to flash the firmware.  I have done the
> factory reset thing and the IP address is now  Still no
> web access.  I don't know if resetting has turned off 'boot wait' or
> not.  Any suggestions on how to flash the box ??
>   BTY, I installed Openwrt and that is what caused the problem of
> no web access.  They still worked but could not make any changes.
So you're not totally hosed.  I did this too and recovered simply by 
using tftp to copy a linksys firmware image to the wrt54.  (You HAVE to 
copy the linksys firmware to recover, then can upgrade to something else).


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