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Karsten Wade phig at phig.org
Wed Dec 22 06:44:52 PST 2004

Pardon the cross-post job spam, I want to get this circulating in the
community.  If you know a technical writer who wants to work on Linux
full-time, please pass this along.

The below position is based in Mountain View, working on the Red Hat
Directory Server (formerly Netscape) solution documenting directory
and certification management.  If you are interested, apply online
through this website:


The content at that website specifies the guide is the "Introduction
to System Administration".  It seems that another job description got
mixed in at that point. ;-) This really is for just the directory and
cert managment server solutions.  (I'm passing this along because I'm
a member of the Red Hat docs team, and I want to see us find a strong
candidate for this position.)

## Technical Writer III position

Division:  	Red Hat
Location: 	Mountain View, CA US 	
Travel Involved: 	Not Specified
Job Type: 	Full Time
Job Level:  	5-10 years experience
Education: 	Bachelors Degree or Equivalent 
Category: 	Documentations
Compensation: 	Not Specified
Position Summary

This position is for a technical writer who will be able to help the
Red Hat documentation group continue to create content for the Red Hat
Enterprise Linux product family, as well as update existing Red Hat
product documentation.

[This writer will be in control of creating and maintaining content
for new Linux system administrators (the "Introduction to System
Administration" guide). For more information, refer to
http://www.redhat.com/docs/manuals/enterprise/] -- the position is
instead in control of creating and maintaining content for the
directory and certificate management server solutions.

*Writing samples must be submitted with application*

Responsibilities Include:

Writer will be in charge of documenting most aspects of CMS and
directory services and should be familiar with the corresponding
technologies, such as LDAP, SNMP, and general system security
information. Additionally, the following responsibilities apply:

* Errata editing and approvals (for bug fixes, security patches, and
* Resolve documentation-related bug reports
* Contribute to improvement of documentation tools and processes
* Coordinate with internal localization team

Software and Tools
* Primary tools used are XML, SGML, Docbook, Emacs and others.
* Prior knowledge of these tools is preferred, but the ability to
  learn and apply them quickly is a must. Experience working with
  conditionalized source is a plus.

Writer must be willing to work in a non-GUI environment, as tools used
(Emacs, SGML, conversion scripts) are *not* graphical tools such as

Writer must have recent Linux experience, UNIX experience/knowledge
(2+ years). System administration experience is preferred.
* 4-yr degree in a scientific, technical, or communications-related field
* A portfolio of writing samples (variety to show flexibility of writing
* Well developed writing style
* Ability to place self in the end user's shoes
* Ability to responsibly govern own tasks
* Develop leadership skills
* Advance skills, show ability to continue learning and being challenged
* Strong interpersonal skills
* Ability to work as part of a team (both within the department and as a
  member of a cross-functional program team)
* Ability to produce documentation in multiple formats
* Applies excellent spelling, grammatical, and writing skills
* Applies excellent editing and peer review skills
* Conveys information concisely and clearly to all levels of client and
  district personnel.
* Applies specialized knowledge of word processing and graphics
* Applies thorough knowledge of computer systems and related procedures.
* Above average organizational skills
* Ability to proof for technical accuracy (the level of technical
  accuracy depends the the technical writer level)
* Knowledge of SGML/XML/etc (*preferred* and highly recommended)
* UNIX or Linux system administration skills (5+ years) (*preferred*)

Location of this position will be in Mountain View, California. If
candidate is not local to this area, candidate must be willing to


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