[Smaug] Lurker tests the SMAUG connection.

Lee lmckusic at tsoft.com
Fri Dec 3 12:31:48 PST 2004

Hello List,
This is Lee from El Granada, lurking for a good solid 1.5 years now.

I'm not likely to make it down to Santa Cruz soon, but I enjoy following
the group.

My current Linux work is writing a Help file for the UserLinux project.

The help I'm developing right now is help for using USB devices. 

I have a pesky Aiptek DV 4500 that connects, gets recognized, and even
calls up the usb-storage driver, and I can even mount the filesystem...
and I still can't fetch pictures! Arrgh!

And a special request for Eric: If the SMAUG list doesn't pick up this
submission, would you forward this to the SMAUG list? The SMAUG list
program is very sensitive to changesin the list member's sending

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