[Smaug] Meeting this coming Monday (12/6) and errata

Phil White cerise at armory.com
Wed Dec 1 15:48:01 PST 2004

As "we" (where by "we", I mean Rick, Peter, Fizz, and I) decided, the next
SMAUG meeting will be 12/6 (the first monday of the month).  That's a
departure from the usual schedule owing to those holiday things.

Pfft.  Holidays.

A couple of things I wanted to bring up again.
1) How many more people would come if it weren't at Tiny's?
2) How many more people would come if it were at a different time?  If so,
   then at what time?
3) I've talked a little to Jim Griffin at Cabrillo.  He's expressed some
   interest in an installfest (especially since the SlugLUG looks like
   they aren't going to have one).  Who's up for it?

I'd especially like to hear from all you lurkers out there ; )  I know that
Rick, Peter, Fizz, and I aren't the only ones with opinions. 


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