[Smaug] 10th Mostly-Annual Revolting Appearing Foods Potluck & Party

Phil White cerise at armory.com
Sun Oct 24 08:30:28 PDT 2004

Not even pretending to be linux related.  Except, of course, that there are 
several linux boxes at the Armory.

For those who don't know, the Armory is the oldest continuous running geekhouse
in Santa Cruz (having been established in the late 80s).


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     The Armory will be holding its Tenth Annual Revolting-Appearing Foods
Potluck & Party on Friday, Oct. 29th starting at 8 PM.
     Yes, tenth.  You may recall that last year's event was described as the
10th.  Well, I was wrong - I forgot that we didn't have one in 1995.  Since
this is the *real* 10th RAFPP, we will once again be compelled to award a prize
for the food item with the highest d/t (disgustingness/tastiness ratio)!  So,
try your repulsivest :) 

     For a glimpse of what has gone by in years past, see:


     Costumes are encouraged but not never expected.

     Be ooking you!


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