[Smaug] Meeting last night went well

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Tue Sep 21 23:45:24 PDT 2004

Greetings, all.  I did manage to make the meeting after all, and it was
great.  Thanks again to Phil for setting things up.

I've brought the Web site fully (I think) up to date.  I _think_ that
David Gatwood's cron script that updates the htdocs directory at five
minutes past every hour is broken, but I've been just running it

Please have a look at the site to see if anything needs fixing (and if
anyone else wants to join the Web team, just speak up).

(BTW, if there was any smell of cooking meat around the restaurant, it
must have been outside somewhere.  I definitely didn't smell anything
notable indoors.)

Cheers,     Founding member of the Hyphenation Society, a grassroots-based, 
Rick Moen   not-for-profit, locally-owned-and-operated, cooperatively-managed,
rick at linuxmafia.com     modern-American-English-usage-improvement association.

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