[Smaug] SMAUG revival

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Sun Sep 19 12:13:57 PDT 2004

Quoting Karsten Wade (phig at phig.org):

> Fowl! ;-)
> It seemed we _were_ using shotgun rules to decide at least where the
> meeting was going to be.
> I know, I know, a permanent meeting location is a good thing.  But
> perhaps the group should meet there at least _once_ before deciding
> it's permanent?

Well, "permanent" is a term of art in this situation:  Basically, all I
did was put "3rd Mondays at Tiny's" on the Web site as a recurring date;
nothing at all prevents the group from deciding to change its mind on
Tuesday morning.

> I want to be cautious about declaring it a permanent meeting location
> until then, though.

Good.  Consider it "permenant" unless and until changed, then.  ;->
That's actually all that the term ever means in that context, unless I'm
missing something.

> Hmm ... that sounds suspiciously like Capitola ... CMAUG?

The floor is open for additional proposals closer to downtown.  We're
all ears.[1]

My support for Phil's proposal owes much to the fact that it seems
workable and is the only one such heard in these parts for a long time
-- and that he's showing leadership in not only setting the thing up but
also saying he'll be there to get things rolling.

[1] Pending corrective surgery.

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