[Smaug] Newbie to Santa Cruz

Adhamh Findlay smaug at adhamh.com
Wed Sep 15 11:01:28 PDT 2004


I moved to Santa Cruz a couple of months ago and I'm looking for geeks 
to drink beer and possible surf with.

Quick Bio:

    I work at Apple in customer software seeding.
    I used to live in Austin, TX where I worked for Apple in enterprise 
    I followed my wife to Santa Cruz, she's a lawyer and got a job with 
the ACLU here
    I'm trying to learn to surf.
    I'm a wanna be programmer type.
    I brew beer and mead.  (I've tried sake but is hasn't come out well.)

Are there any social type events comming up?  If not would anyone be up 
for getting a beer sometime?


PS My mine is pronounced Adam.  My Dad was a little obessed with his 
Scotish ancestory.

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