[Smaug] scruz.org's fate

Crawford Rainwater crawford.rainwater at linux-etc.net
Mon Dec 29 08:50:00 PST 2003

On Sun, 2003-12-28 at 23:19, Eric Cain wrote:
> Greetings kindred geeks,
> I was hoping a local would step forward to take this domain (scruz.org)
> off my hands. Jacob and I exchanged emails shortly after my post on this
> list but he never actually transfered the domain. He hasn't responded to
> my last three emails.
> Well, decisions have to be made. I waited as long as I could.
> Time is running out. The domain will expire shortly after midnight
> tomorrow.
> Expires: 30-Dec-2003 01:10:30 PST
> An individual named Crawford Rainwater stepped forward (he emailed me
> off-list) and offered to sponsor the domain. He is the CEO and President
> of the "The Linux ETC Company" based in Louisville, Colorado.
> While I haven't met him, I believe he is sincere in his desire to help
> SMAUG. I consulted google and he appears to be active in the Linux
> community. That's good enough for me.

To elaborate on myself some for folks out there in California, I am
presently the CLUE (Colorado Linux Users & Enthusiasts) North branch
coordinator (CLUE has a south and north group here in Denver, CO) and
one of the original founding members for the CLUE-North admins. 
Personally a Debian lover, though due to "demand" picked up the RedHat
side some as well, and play with SuSE too (via VMware on Debian though
for the latter two ;-) ).

Personally, been involved in the Linux community since late 1999 coming
over from OS/2.  The company (which I am the CEO and President) went
from simple private consulting practice to Linux training and consulting
avenues as well (still getting things over the top here, but it is
forward moving none the less).  The web site(s) for the company are
under some serious renovation work, once they are up, you can see some
more or visit the old ITEC web site (former company name).  We were one
of the former SAIR Cert ACE's (Accredited Center for Education) with
instructors on staff (not contracted like most of the others), working
with LPI on similar avenues at present.

Any other information wanted or desired, drop me a note.  Worse case, if
you can wait till August, will be at the LWE in SF, CA then most likely
or if anyone is coming out to NYC, I will be there as well helping
Oracle with a Debian demo among other things of course.

> So, I will transfer the domain over to him. We can work out who/what the
> contacts should be later. (and any other administrative domain stuff)
> Objections, if any, need to be addressed in the next few nanoseconds...
> none? Excellent.
> Does anybody want to be the Admin contact? Anyone? Anyone?

Eric and I will talk today over things and see what needs to be done.  I
saw something from Rick about being the Tech Admin, which is fine with


Crawford Rainwater
CEO and President
Linux+, LCP, LPIC-1, RHCT
The Linux ETC Company
P.M.B. 146
368 South McCaslin Boulevard
Louisville, CO 80027 USA
+1 (303) 604-2550 (voice)
+1 (866) 604-2550 (toll free within the US)
+1 (303) 664-0036 (fax)
http://www.linux-etc.net (under construction and renovation)

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