[Smaug] DNS for scruz.org

Graham Freeman graham at calteg.org
Fri Jun 27 08:10:20 PDT 2003

--On Friday, June 27, 2003 1:44 -0700 Eric Cain <ecain at phosphor.net> wrote:

> I added to my allow-transfer list.
> IIRC, the reason you've been pulling zone data from my server is because
> there was some unresolved issue with pulling zone data from Rick's
> server. Ideally, we all should pull zone data from his box. I have no
> idea why you could not do this in the past (or present). This really
> should be simple peanuts. This is something you and Rick should try and
> resolve.

Here's the relevant portion of my /etc/named.conf:

zone "scruz.org" IN {
        type slave;
        file "db.scruz.org";
        masters {; };

There's nothing much that can go wrong there.


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