[Smaug] DNS for scruz.org

Eric Cain ecain at phosphor.net
Fri Jun 27 02:44:35 PDT 2003

On Thu, Jun 26, 2003 at 07:58:45PM -0700, Graham Freeman wrote:
> Hi folks,
> CalTEG has been providing secondary DNS services for scruz.org for some 
> time now, and that's not a problem.  However, we are again moving a couple 
> of our servers from one colocation site to another.  One of those happens 
> to be the one serving as a secondary.
> So, please s/ and 
> s/ns1.calteg.org/enliven.jahiel.net/ .
> Also, should I keep pulling zone data from

I added to my allow-transfer list.

IIRC, the reason you've been pulling zone data from my server is because
there was some unresolved issue with pulling zone data from Rick's
server. Ideally, we all should pull zone data from his box. I have no
idea why you could not do this in the past (or present). This really
should be simple peanuts. This is something you and Rick should try and


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