[Smaug] Re: Smaug Digest, Vol 110, Issue 2

Thomas Leavitt thomas at thomasleavitt.org
Tue Jun 10 13:32:13 PDT 2003

99 Bottles is one of the potential venues even. :)

And, I guess, at least one type of beer is cheap on Tuesdays. Maybe if we
actually vote to "meetup" there, we can convince 99 Bottles to give us a
discount? :)

Note: using meetup.com doesn't preclude meeting on Thursday as well, as 2nd
Thursday is sufficiently far from 1st Tuesday as to not be an undue burden
for a second meeting. I just think it would be easier, and potentially draw
a larger crowd, if we had meetup.com to co-ordinate through and encouraged
everyone to register for the linux meetup day.


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> From: Josh Neal <josh at unixmercenary.net>
> Subject: Re: [Smaug] Aid for Linux newbies
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> On Mon, Jun 09, 2003 at 04:10:50PM -0700, Thomas Leavitt wrote:
> > How about having a meeting on the International Linux Meetup Day:
> >
> > Tuesday, Jul 1 @ 8:00PM
> > (1st Tuesday of every month.)
> >
> > http://linux.meetup.com/ ... all we need is five people to join and vote
> > a meeting place.
> Excellent. meetup.com seems to be a good thing -- it seems to be working
well for the Dean campaign, at least.
> -josh
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> Josh Neal
> "I would kill everyone in this room for a drop of sweet beer."
> -- Homer Simpson

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