[Smaug] Aid for Linux newbies

Thomas Leavitt thomas at thomasleavitt.org
Mon Jun 9 17:10:50 PDT 2003

How about having a meeting on the International Linux Meetup Day:

Tuesday, Jul 1 @ 8:00PM
(1st Tuesday of every month.)

http://linux.meetup.com/ ... all we need is five people to join and vote on
a meeting place.


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> From: Phil White <cerise at littlegreenmen.armory.com>
> Subject: [Smaug] Aid for Linux newbies
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> Salutations to all:
> 1) How about restarting SMAUG meetings?  Perhaps Tuesday or Thursday
>    evenings at 99 Bottles?
> 2) I run into people all the time who ask me when the next SlugLUG
>    installfest is.  Not that long ago, there was talk of a SMAUG
>    installfest.  Any interest?
> 3) (and the real point of this email)  Does anyone have a favorite
>    URL to point a newbie to for an introduction to Linux?
> -Phil/CERisE

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