[Smaug] CDMA vs. TDMA

Jeremy Brand, B.S. jeremy at nirvani.net
Wed May 28 18:27:44 PDT 2003

Sorry this is not linux specific, but it is a good
introduction to the technologies.

It is relevent however to our location, because TDMA and
CDMA have very good coverage (relativly speaking compared
to GSM) in Santa Cruz Co. - and of course I can tie this in
by saying I use my CDMA Nokia phone as an Infra-red,
wireless modem on my linux laptop quite often (so there,
now I'm at least relevant).  Gotta love those unlimited
night and weekend minutes!


It is a good, quick read if interested.


"Prediction is very difficult, especially of the future."
                                   Niels Bohr

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