[Smaug] Anybody in Half Moon Bay area on this list?

lmckusic at tsoft.com lmckusic at tsoft.com
Tue May 20 11:44:21 PDT 2003

Hello SMAUG readers,
	Are there list members in the Half Moon Bay and El Granada area?

	I live in El Granada and it is a suprisingly isolated place even though it is only about 1 hour drive from San Francisco or Santa Cruz.

	In other words, I live up the street from where Linus Torvalds rented a wetsuit and boogie board as he mentions in "Just for Fun".

	If you live up here -- send me an email and tell me your general hours and days you would be available to attend a Linux Interest Group meeting.

	In this area, the public school's idea of computer education is Yet Another Course in Microsoft Excel. From bumper stickers on trash cans and cars I know there might be a few Linux people around. I am tired of being so bloody isolated! That I bought an 800 mhz computer for $100 doesn't balance the sadness that Half Moon Bay's main High Tech business Protura abruptly closed two months ago.

	So my notion is to offer a Linux Interest group meeting. I'm lonely. I need somebody that uses linear math packages to mentor me a bit in my Python fractal modeling scheme. I need somebody to commiserate with when I screw around with Netbeans!

	On a more practical note. Before doing any Linux consulting, I feel the area should have a functioning support group. A way for newbies to get free support and encouragement. 

	So if you live around here, if you have energy to share, email me.
"I particularly enjoy the sand patterns left by receding waves at Surfer's Beach. This beach has fine grain sand, a blend of black (presumably quaternary volcanic ash) and tan granules, that separate when the waves drain off the beach. I daydream of building a simple fractal iterative model that would draw patterns somewhat like the sand patterns. Half Moon Bay, sand bars, sand dunes, surf waves, beach surge and the sand patterns all seem related as recurring expressions of the same pattern forming process." Lee McKusick, El Granada, California.

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