[Smaug] (forw) Automated 30 day renewal reminder 2002-11-30

Eric Cain ecain at phosphor.net
Sat Dec 21 23:40:32 2002

On Sun, Dec 15, 2002 at 02:04:03PM -0800, Jacob M. Hunter wrote:
> Hey guys, long time no talk.
> One thing I want to say is that when i started SMAUG,
> I didn't pay a dime.  The only thing I paid out of
> pocket was for the snacks i served at the first
> meetings at SCO.  Everything was donated, and
> sponsorship.  I understand there is nowhere near as
> much money floating around now as there was when SMAUG
> started but, I think with some smart thinking,
> networking, and using that thing called people skills
> us computer geeks forget that we have, you could
> figure it out and get scruz.org renewed!
> Give it a try.  E-mail some LUG groups.

So far, two people have offered $10. Karsten is the second. :)

It is clear the group wants the domain. I went ahead and renewed it so I
would have one less thing to worry about this month.

Karsten: I'll tell you what I told our other generous donor:
	 just bring the $$$ to the January meeting.

I bet someone out there would be willing to sponsor the domain. It was
sponsored in the beginning. If someone wants to look into this, that
would be fine with me. But, the members pitching in $$$ solves the
immediate crisis.


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