[Smaug] meeting place for next Monday

Ixanian Craig Nichols fathom at armory.com
Thu, 31 Oct 2002 21:18:20 -0800

On Thu October 31 2002 6:11 pm, Phil White wrote:
> There isn't (AFAIK) a better place in Santa Cruz for Smaug.  Beer,
> reasonably good food, and relatively cute waitresses.  In fact, I
> can't remember ever seeing a waiter there.
> And did I mention beer?
> -Phil/CERisE

There is an equivalent place, though: Bocci's Cellar. It's over in the 
Harvey West Park area. It's got lots of space (both indoor and outdoor), 
decent beers (though less than 100), good food, a single small TV that's 
frequently off and can't be seen from most of the seating, and usually 
less noise than 99 Bottles. 

The drawbacks are that Bocci's is not in downtown (but then, neither was 
the SCO building SMAUG used to use), and the no-smoking bit is OFF (which 
means it gets smokey inside if there's much of a crowd). Oh, and Phil 
won't have attractive young waitresses to ignore him. :)

I didn't mention this before because the decision to move to Thu 7 PM at 99 
Bottles happened before I got stuck in. Just consider Bocci's as an option 
if the subject of venue change comes up again. I will do the legwork to 
figure out which days work better if anyone asks me to.

- Ix

Phil: on the bright side, the waitstaff at Bocci's is *way* more 
flirtatious than the stuck-up college kids at 99 Bottles. :)