[Smaug] meeting place for next Monday

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Thu, 31 Oct 2002 16:36:59 -0800

Quoting Jeremy Brand, B.S. (jeremy@nirvani.net):

> As for a few suggestions: down the street, we could meet at the Santa
> Cruz Roasting Co. (is that the right name?).

Here are some things you might want to check for meeting venues, and
include in your meeting announcement:

o  Do they mind a group coming in and talking?  Sometimes loudly? 
o  Are the tables suitable for a couple dozen people to sit together?
   Is there typically enough unoccupied consecutive table space for
   this to work?
o  When's closing time?  Which day are you suggesting?  Have you
   verified that there will routinely be _no_ conflicting events
   at that location on that day?
o  Where's parking?  Public transit?  Street directions?
o  Have you read through the Smaug message archive and the Smaug Web
   page's notes on past meetings to see if other people have researched
   this venue already?

Other considerations to weigh are covered (as I mentioned separately) 
in Evan's "shotgun rules":  http://bad.debian.net/shotgun_rules.txt

_And_, if you really have confidence in a meeting venue (after doing
enough legwork), just go right ahead and declare a meeting there.
Preferably _no less_ than a full month ahead of time.  It's crazy to 
change meeting locations with less advance notice when Smaug isn't 
forced to by circumstances.

> Another suggestion.. doesn't the new bookstore (Border's is it?) have an
> upstairs with tables and coffee?

The typical setup I've seen involves a Starbucks franchise inside a
Border's.  Nothing wrong with that, per se, but the ones I've seen have
quite small round tables seating about 2-3 each, and I get the
impression that management would not really appreciate a noisy meeting
descending on them.  If you find that this place is different, after
doing the legwork, be sure to mention that in your meeting announcement 
(for the December or later meeting, since it's _way_, way too late to
change locations for November).

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