[Smaug] meeting place for next Monday

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Thu, 31 Oct 2002 16:19:51 -0800

Quoting Jeremy Brand, B.S. (jeremy@nirvani.net):

> Forgive me for not checking the site, it's hit or miss as to if it is
> up-to-date or not, seems more miss than hit actually. :)  Who'd of thought
> someone would have updated the site! :)
> Any particular reason why 7:pm instead of 8:pm ?

<shrug>  In order to not change the time yet again.  

There was discussion, here.  To review:

Meetings were 1st Mondays at 8 PM for quite a while.  Then, the minimal
possible change to mostly evade 10 PM(?) karaoke was to move the start
time back an hour to 7 PM (with the advantage that people who didn't
hear about the change in time would still find people there, and not
walk away wondering what happened to Smaug).  

Then, the TV/sports plague doomed Monday nights entirely, and Phil White
kindly did the legwork to verify that Thursdays would work.  (Yay!)
Various Thursdays were discussed and 2nd Thursdays seemed to have no
major problems, so again we did the minimal change -- i.e., change the
day but not the time or location.

Suggestions for better venues are always welcome, especially if
accompanied by results of the necessary legwork, e.g., the way 
Evan ("Mr. Bad") Prodromou described it for the Bay Area Debian group:

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