[Smaug] Hardware question: 64-bit PCI

Rodriguez, Iben Iben.Rodriguez at tropian.com
Mon, 28 Oct 2002 08:09:12 -0800

> > b) What kind of plug-in cards are available in that format?
> Not many cards require PCI/64. Cards that use it are mostly 
> "server" cards, i.e. SCSI controllers and probably some 
> giga-ethernet cards.


We use 64 bit PCI cards for Intel 1000 Base-T NICs and FC-AL HBAs (Fiber
Channel Host Bus Adapters) from Q Logic.  A Hardware RAID 5 card (we use
Mylex) would also be an example of putting the 64/bit slot to good use. 

Our Sun hardware has the 64-bit PCI slots running at 66MHz but I think the
PC platforms may only support 33MHz speeds.

Intel and Netgear also make 32 bit PCI gigabit nics for gig-e to the




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