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Fri, 18 Oct 2002 21:27:46 -0700

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* Paul (paul@surrendered.net) said:
> Just wanted to say hello to everyone on the list. I live in Monterey,
> unfortunately there don't seem to be many geeky people in this area. The
> most techie person I've met thought their moving from Win98 to Win2K was
> a big thing. They had no idea what Linux is. Sad sad world. Anyways, one
> of these days I'll venture over to one of the meetings, it'd be so nice
> to talk to some people about something of interest to myself for once.
> If any of you use IRC, I'd love to chat.I'm trip@EFNet, you can find me
> in the channel #Node.

Well, some of us hang out at freenode.net, #smaug and #sluglug.

Nacho (cureless)

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