[Smaug] is there another meeting planned?

Ignacio Solis isolis at igso.net
Thu, 17 Oct 2002 18:32:33 -0700

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* gk (gk@proliberty.com) said:
> I noticed that there is also a UCSC linux users group.
> Have you ever considered merging with them, if only to get the use of UCS=
> for meetings?

Like Rick said, the groups serve sort of different purposes, but as you
can expect, some of the target audience does overlap. Some of the main
members of SlugLUG (i.e. Phil, Andrew and myself) are regulars at the
meetings. Or at least we try to be. Some of the members of SMAUG are
also members of SlugLUG or at least subscribe to the mailing lists (i.e.
Karsten, Rick, etc).

At the last SMAUG meeting there were only 6 people; Josh, Karsten, Phil,
Andrew, me and somebody else... who was it.. I can't recall, please
raise your hand.=20

The last event for SlugLUG was the installfest, around 42 people showed
up, between installers and installees. Overall a nice event, we went from
1pm to 8pm or so. We even had some .. interventions from SUN and

Phil wants to plan a short series of talks for newbies, stay tuned to
the website or list for more info. (http://sluglug.ucsc.edu/)  And even
though it's not set in stone, I think we've been finalizing our meeting
dates to be the last Monday of the month at 6pm (IIRC). That reminds me I
need to update the web page.


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