[Smaug] is there another meeting planned?

gk gk at proliberty.com
Thu, 17 Oct 2002 15:57:35 -0700

At 02:21 PM 10/17/2002 -0700, Rick Moen wrote:
>By the way, SCLUG says it's coming back alive again:

I can understand why SlugLUG might want to stay on campus.
Any idea of how many participants in smaug or SCLUG?
Any reasons why the two in-town groups don't work together?

(2) 99 Bottles of Beer isn't a sports bar, unless it's had one hell of a
>makeover since I was there last.  It's a brewpub that happens to have a
>television, which unfortunately for Smaug is turned on and is noisy
>during Mondays with major-attraction sports events.  That's on top of
>the karaoke plague that also has recently cursed Mondays, there.
>Out of curiosity, have you actually visited 99 Bottles, or does that
>reference to "sports bars" mean you haven't?

No I've just sensed some noise coming out of the place. I can't handle 
places like that.
"noisy" "sports events" "TV" - call it a brewpub or sports bar.
I'm just looking to have some intelligent communication that doesn't have 
to compete with these things.
- Greg