[Smaug] is there another meeting planned?

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Thu, 17 Oct 2002 14:21:16 -0700

Quoting gk (gk@proliberty.com):

> No heating outside. I'd say a 6 or so people under an umbrella outside in a 
> drizzle would be the limit. Rain would cancel.

Sounds like ordinary-sized tables, then.  That puts a limit on ability
to hold any kind of coherent meeting.  One of the advantages of the 99
Bottles upstairs room is the ability to have a couple of dozen people
seated around one table.  (Some pizza places can give this advantage, if 
they aren't too noisy.  Nobody's been able to suggest a suitable one, so

> I noticed that there is also a UCSC linux users group.
> Have you ever considered merging with them...?

SlugLUG is a fine group, appealing mostly to people up the hill on
campus for reasons of access.  (I used to go to Crown College, there, so
I remember well the pain-in-the-ass aspects of town-campus
transportation, parking, etc.)  With Smaug around, there's also a group
in _town_.  Two groups sounds better than one, to me.

When SCLUG went inactive (http://linus.got.net/), it claimed to be
referring its town-folk membership to SlugLUG.  But SlugLUG didn't get
any bigger or more active:  Substantively, all that happened was SCLUG
shut down and SlugLUG didn't benefit discernably.  A net loss.

By the way, SCLUG says it's coming back alive again:

> Or maybe a friendly professor at UCSC or at Cabrillo could arrrange space.

Again, please read the Web pages that summarise past efforts to explore
these and other possibilities.  The summaries are mostly from
conversations in this list's past-postings archive, which you might wish
to consult, too.

> It seems silly for a technical group to have to meet in sports bars or 
> huddle under umbrellas in the rain.

A couple of things:  

(1) Experience (recorded in the mailing list archive, among other
places) suggests that finding suitable venues that stay routinely
available month-to-month and don't cost money that nobody's eager to
fork out is probably a lot more difficult than you are assuming.  But,
hey, if you can do it, please go right ahead.  Schedule a meeting
somewhere, and post details.  Like this:


(2) 99 Bottles of Beer isn't a sports bar, unless it's had one hell of a
makeover since I was there last.  It's a brewpub that happens to have a
television, which unfortunately for Smaug is turned on and is noisy
during Mondays with major-attraction sports events.  That's on top of
the karaoke plague that also has recently cursed Mondays, there.

Out of curiosity, have you actually visited 99 Bottles, or does that
reference to "sports bars" mean you haven't?

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Rick Moen          those who understand binary arithmetic and those who don't.