[Smaug] is there another meeting planned?

gk gk at proliberty.com
Thu, 17 Oct 2002 13:46:14 -0700

At 01:01 PM 10/17/2002 -0700, you wrote:
>Quoting gk (gk@proliberty.com):
> > Have you considered Jahva House (aka 120 Union St.)?

>How much seating?  How much seating among people who can all converse
>with one another?  Is there some sort of heater gizmo that gets turned
>on as we go into winter?  What happens when it rains?

There is plenty of seating inside and movable tables but I don't know if 
the management would let a group take over a corner of the room. No 
waitresses but lots of cute barristas, students, some 'homeless' and decent 
food and drink.

No heating outside. I'd say a 6 or so people under an umbrella outside in a 
drizzle would be the limit. Rain would cancel.

>What's closing time?  Which evenings don't have conflicting things going
>on, there?

I think they're open until 10pm or so. Not sure.
I could talk to the management about all this if people think it sounds 

I noticed that there is also a UCSC linux users group.
Have you ever considered merging with them, if only to get the use of UCSC 
for meetings?
Or maybe a friendly professor at UCSC or at Cabrillo could arrrange space.

It seems silly for a technical group to have to meet in sports bars or 
huddle under umbrellas in the rain.
- Greg