[Smaug] it's official, Mondays suck

Karsten Wade phig at phig.org
Tue, 8 Oct 2002 10:42:24 -0700 (PDT)

... at least at 99 Bottles of Beer.

Aside from the baseball last night, we have upcoming Monday Night Football
followed by karaoke.  'Nuff said.

If you were new to the meeting and couldn't find us, sorry.  I didn't show
up until 8 PM, and barely saw the group amidst the cloud of testosterone.

So, we are in the unenviable position of choosing:

1) Move to another night, same location
2) Move to a new location, same night
3) {Move,Not move}, during day


I feel like I was just here 24 months ago.  Hey, wait, I was!  That sucks,

I have a small office down at my house downtown that can handle a
half-dozen folks.  But we aren't really trying to _do_ anything geeky,
just drink whatever and _talk_ geeky.  So, that suggests to me a public
venue with more QUIET.  It is more inviting to potential new members.

A cafe of the right ambiance would be nice.  Jahva house still open?
Pergolesi proved to be out (noise, smoke).

I thought there were too many cafes and such on Pacific Ave.  Nothing good
is coming to mind, however.  Maybe Chocolate at Bookshop Santa Cruz?  At
least while the weather is still nice.

I dunno.

But for godsake, don't anyone suggest Dennys.

- k'

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