[Smaug] Info about Woody install...?

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Mon, 30 Sep 2002 23:55:09 -0700

Quoting Ixanian Craig Nichols (fathom@armory.com):

> I'm trying to install the new Debian 3.0 distro, and until tonight I was 
> having some problems. Two different installation methods I tried (net-install 
> via the "compact" floppies, and one of the many base-install-on-a-mini-iso 
> cd's) kept coming up with the same sequence of errors:
> 	1) No drivers are loaded for IDE controller or NIC, so no hard drive
> 	   or network available;

Each unofficial mini-ISO is of course some particular person's idea of
what drivers need to be in an installation kernel.  His notion may have
conflicted with yours.  ;->

The "compact" set is _claimed_ to have IDE drivers, but maybe it omitted
yours, or maybe you needed to insmod it in the screen where you can
select additional drivers to be autoload in the future.  The README.txt
also says "compact" omits "some network controllers".

This is why the standard floppy set[1] is available and includes no fewer
than four optional driver diskettes.  I find it worthwhile to keep a set
around (plus one of the bf2.4 set[2]).

[1] *.bin in this directory:

[2] *.bin in this directory:

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